Micropoetry Monday: Myths, Legends, & Fables


When Mother Goose found the book,
From Farm to Table—
smelling of spice and everything nice—
in her mistress’s rubbish,
she knew her goose was cooked.

She lost clues in crosswords,
letters in word searches,
& Scrabble scattered her brain
with its open-ended concept.
But Ora Cleveland—
The Storyteller of Mt. Pilate—
needed no photographs to capture her settings,
no drawings to humanize her characters,
& no maps or blueprints to plot her points,
for the accents,
sound effects,
& music
that came from somewhere
deep inside her
told it all.

The Time Keeper
When the Time Keeper
saw her daughter’s hourglass,
its sand falling faster than her own,
she tipped it on its side—
stopping growth & change.
Though her child would live forever,
there would be no learning anything new,
even as this child who would be forever young
would see all those she had known as a little girl
grow old & go before her,
until there were none left,
& her memories of them would fade completely.
When the Time Keeper understood this,
in a last, unselfish act,
turned her daughter’s hourglass the opposite way it had been,
just as the last grain filtered through her own,
& the daughter,
who became the Time Saver—
for she no longer tracked time
but made the time one had stretch—
lived out the years that had been allotted to her mother.

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