Micropoetry Monday: Yummies & Yuckies

The Hungry Hannah

From Nutty to Fruity

When the Stone Fruit family
(surname Drupe)
gathered in a felled orchard
to go over the family business,
they, through Incestry.com,
found that Almond was a long-lost relative.
When Almond—
who’d been adopted into the Nut family,
which, although seedy,
with a tough, outer shell
& the tendency to be cracked—
learned of her roots,
she blanched in horror,
for Peach was like the missing link
with all that fuzz;
talking to Cherry was the pits,
& Plum was just plum crazy.
When she rejected their soft flesh,
she went back to being ground into butter
rather than baked into pies.

Mr. Mayo was the breadwinner
who brought home the bacon,
& when he hooked up with
the tomato from upstairs,
luring her with his full head of lettuce,
they made a beautiful sandwich together.

When Holy Cow met Unholy Pig,
they opened a chicken sandwich shop
across the road called “Eat, Graze, Love,”
only to be accosted
by the Big Cheese of Animal Farm,
who thought—
with a mess of lettuce, tomatoes, & mayo
& stuffed between two pillows (of brioche)—
they were a match made
in gastronomical heaven.

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