Micropoetry Monday: Florida Life’s a Beach

Florida Life's a Beach book cover

When February made a leap,
there was a snafu,
for Winter, Fall, Spring, & Summer
all ended up working in Florida
on the same day.

When she robbed the Cradle of Naval Aviation,
she hit The Upside of Florida on its head
& backtracked her downward spiral through the Western Gate of the Sunshine State—
but not without checking out the World’s Whitest Beaches,
which, in her depraved mind,
had meant something else entirely.

This . . . is the city,
Pensacola, Florida.
To people from New York, Chicago, or L.A.,
it’s a small town,
&, to their astonishment,
fairly integrated.
Here, religion comes in a variety of flavors,
complete with TED talk worthy speakers
& signs that could double as bumper stickers;
there’s Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Methodist, & Episcopalian—
known as the mainstream.
Of course, there’s plenty of Catholic & Mormon churches,
a couple of synagogues, a mosque,
& the less organized meetinghouses where the rules
are a little more relaxed—
where it’s “come as you are.”
There’s beach-themed crap everywhere,
a lot of mattress stores,
slews of abandoned buildings,
endless road work & construction,
& law offices in turn-of-the-last-century houses.
Yet, despite all the churches & the like,
there’s a fair amount of crime & homelessness.
When something interesting shakes up,
I’m not there,
but wherever there’s a piece of fluff to cover,
I’m all there.
I carry a press pass.

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