Micropoetry Monday: Halloween

Abra Cadaver book cover

Halloween: A Love-ish Story

When Trick tripped over a rusty lamp,
a rather apathetic genie fell out,
& Trick was granted 3 wishes:
only to be foolishly parted from it;
only for it to be hacked;
& fame,
only for it to become infamy.
Treat had 3 fairy godmothers
who granted her beauty,
& brawn,
but never all at once;
when she got the first,
she told her godmothers
that they could just sod the rest.
When Trick & Treat met
at a death-by-chainsaw costume party,
they realized
that they could only stand each other
for one night—
an annual one-night stand
that always ended in a bellyache.

The Jack-o’-Lantern’s Rant

There once was a pumpkin who didn’t have a voice,
when along came a kid with a knife,
who gave him a mouth,
but scooped out his brains,
roasted his seeds,
& left his flesh to rot,
making this squash go out of his gourd.

When the 31-year-old Catholic schoolgirl
became the pregnant nun that next year,
having married the fireman
who became a policeman,
she brought into the world,
Hungry, Hungry, Hayley,
the Happy-go-unlucky Hobo,
who’d fallen out of her cardboard box dollhouse
& off her little red wagon
from chugging too much root beer & ginger ale,
& Poppy Cock, the Paid Protestor,
who became the scream queen
in their redneck of the woods,
with her sandwich sign that said,
“Taking baby steps for Whirled Peas.”
But when they crossed paths
with the plethora of princesses of Pensacola,
who gave them the stinkeye,
Hayley & Poppy’s fingers,
sticky from God knows what,
pickpocketed their Kit Kats,
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups,
& Hershey’s kisses,
leaving those little dolled-up darlings
with candy corn,
circus peanuts,
& peanut butter kisses.


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