Sweet Little Nothings

Kiss and tell

He was doing all the kissing,
she, the telling.
Though he was a man of action,
& she,
a woman of words,
they both enjoyed lip service
of all kinds.


Sweet Little Nothings

Learn something new with an old friend

Mary & Clary
a widow & a divorcee—
both being rid of their balls,
having cut the chains with
arsenic & ink,
no longer had a man to keep them warm,
so they decided to keep company
with needle & yarn.

And it was when they took a class at
The Knittin’ Needlers that
they realized they’d become their mothers,
who’d made their fathers miserable,
which explained their only childhoods.

Sweet Little Nothings

Start a game of tag with your friends

Jill, Kelly, & Sabrina—
Charlie’s braless angels &
Bosley’s femme fatales—
found themselves 40 years in the future,
where they were doubly appreciated,
for everything old had become new again.
When each lady spotted the man they believed
to be the enigmatic Charlie,
they scattered to follow him,
tagging themselves on Facebook
to find one another again.
When they reconnected,
they found not the time machine
that had brought them there,
but saw,
in themselves,
the time capsule they were.

Sweet Little Nothings

Watch more cartoons

From “Bullwinkle and Friends,”
she’d learned that chocolate pan dowdy could be hazardous to her health.
From “The Flintstones,”
she’d learned that a minimalist wardrobe was living like a cavegirl.
From “Looney Tunes,”

she’d learned to stay away from Acme trucks.
She’d learned a lot of useless things,
but from it all,
she’d learned that adults with imagination
had made her Saturday mornings brighter.

Sweet Little Nothings

Like someone in person

He’d been a friend of a friend,
till she wasn’t friends with that friend anymore.
She’d liked what he’d collectively share
with 142 other friends,
& acquaintances.
When she finally met him,
keeping her identity secret,
she shared all that he couldn’t touch
through a screen.
“You remind me of someone,” he’d said,
& she knew then
what he would’ve never told her
anywhere else,
for with the 1 sense he knew & liked,
she had put a face with the other 4 he loved.

Sweet Little Nothings

Buy something frivolous

The bubbles turned the backyard into a summer wonderland,
sidewalk chalk, the fence into a graffiti canvas,
into games of Hangman & Tic-Tac-Toe.
There were balloon water bombs,
& whipped cream & silly string out of a can.
A kite was for paper doll rides,
a bucket, for suds built on the air conditioner,
only to be blown away like snow flurries.
Plastic eggs were for found poems & clues,
beans & pasta shapes for making mosaics.
The world on the screen became smaller—
almost as insignificant as a distant star,
while the world outside became as big as the sun.