Sweet Little Nothings

Build a bridge with chocolate

Cookie thought Brownie was stuck up,
& Brownie thought Cookie was stuck on himself,
so they were stuck in their unfriended state,
until along came Candy,
who, distressed at their unfriendliness,
offered them each a hand,
building a bridge of commonality.
When Cookie & Brownie realized
they were better together,
Candy melted
from the fresh-out-of-the-oven warmth
that radiated between them,
only for another battle to begin:
Cookie thought their new alliance should be Crownie,
& Brownie, Brookie,
but both couldn’t have top billing.


Sweet Little Nothings

Coin a new catchphrase (1)

He was the king of bumper stickers,
she, hashtags.
They were clever in the crudest of ways,
so that when it came time to pool their talents,
they created the kind of movement
that would benefit from a colon cleanse.

Sweet Little Nothings

Learn something new with an old friend

Mary & Clary
a widow & a divorcee—
both being rid of their balls,
having cut the chains with
arsenic & ink,
no longer had a man to keep them warm,
so they decided to keep company
with needle & yarn.

And it was when they took a class at
The Knittin’ Needlers that
they realized they’d become their mothers,
who’d made their fathers miserable,
which explained their only childhoods.

Sweet Little Nothings

Start a game of tag with your friends

Jill, Kelly, & Sabrina—
Charlie’s braless angels &
Bosley’s femme fatales—
found themselves 40 years in the future,
where they were doubly appreciated,
for everything old had become new again.
When each lady spotted the man they believed
to be the enigmatic Charlie,
they scattered to follow him,
tagging themselves on Facebook
to find one another again.
When they reconnected,
they found not the time machine
that had brought them there,
but saw,
in themselves,
the time capsule they were.