Sweet Little Nothings

Buy something frivolous

The bubbles turned the backyard into a summer wonderland,
sidewalk chalk, the fence into a graffiti canvas,
into games of Hangman & Tic-Tac-Toe.
There were balloon water bombs,
& whipped cream & silly string out of a can.
A kite was for paper doll rides,
a bucket, for suds built on the air conditioner,
only to be blown away like snow flurries.
Plastic eggs were for found poems & clues,
beans & pasta shapes for making mosaics.
The world on the screen became smaller—
almost as insignificant as a distant star,
while the world outside became as big as the sun.


Sweet Little Nothings

What are you waiting for

She’d waited through her twenties
for a man who would take her away from it all,
only to find that when she found him,
he could only take her so far—
the rest of the way was up to her.
He made her better for his lack
than he could have ever made her
with his luster.

Sweet Little Nothings

Leave your phone behind

He was a blond seeking a brunette,
scrolling through the gorgeous arrangements of pixels
with impressive stats,
but the day he was separated
from his virtual connection to the world,
he found a deeper connection in the one woman
who was everything the others were not—
whose essence was incense to his soul,
whose taste was strawberry coulis to his lips,
& whose voice was warm to his ear.