Monday’s Sweet Little Nothings

Because you can

Because she read,
she learned how to read.
Because she wrote,
she learned how to write.
Because she practiced math,
she learned how to solve problems
that didn’t always make sense.


Mondays Will Be Different: Sweet Little Nothings

So, I’ve phased out my #Micropoetry Mondays.  Life has been getting more intense, so I decided to scale back from writing five short poems a week to one short poem a week.

And voila!  My new Monday feature, “Dove Chocolate-inspired poetry,” was born.


I’d never heard of “found poetry” till I took a college level poetry class, the definition of which can be found here:

I began finding (if not looking) for poetry in unlikely places, and, being the dark chocolate lover I am, noticed the cute little sayings inside the Dove candy wrapper foils, thinking, I could do something with these, so I began posting these short poems to Instagram (while I had a phone, anyway).

It was perfect. I already had the graphic–I just had to provide the text.  It is in this way that the poems practically write themselves.

Revive the art of conversation.jpg

She had them put down their devices
to get a CLUE over some CHESS pie.
MOM had the MONOPOLY on sociability that night,
taking a RISK by shaking things up.
When they all made plans for another night,
she saw it hadn’t been a TRIVIAL PURSUIT.