Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt #423: Little (Blank)


Heard of chocolate milk moustaches? Well, this is a goatee.

Little Things (That Make Life Good)

Chocolate milk moustaches & the sound a straw makes when you’ve sucked it good to the last drop

The chocolate nugget at the bottom of a Drumstick sundae cone

Waking up to the aromas of bacon & coffee

Paper newspapers & excursions to the bookstore

The smell of matches after they’ve been struck, birthday candles after they’ve been blown out

The experience of ripping paper off a present rather than pulling it out of a bag

Front doors with glass that let the light in, open windows on a nice day

Non-committal sweaters (i.e. not pullovers) & clothes without zippers

The non-committal semicolon, the amazing em-dash, & the cute little ampersand

Clever epitaphs & witty puns

2 spaces after a period

Cursive writing & typewriter font

Whiteboards for practical use, chalkboards for decorative

Long, luxurious lavender bubble baths

Lady Stetson & Prell

Non-sitting cardio machines

Roller skates you can strap to your existing shoe

Real bicycles that take you places

Mint-green Mini Coopers

TV shows that aren’t set in Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles

Bright lipstick with shiny lip gloss

Clothes that don’t have to be dry-cleaned

No-sew sewing projects

Truffle making

Retro kitchens with modern appliances

Willow Tree nativity scenes & Precious Moments snow globes

The Hallmark Yule log with the dog & cat in front of the fireplace, classic Christmas music playing in the background

I Love Lucy–an allegory of the American Dream

Humor, because life is serious



Sweet Little Nothings

Make all food finger food

Her friends & family were like a box of truffles—
some were sweet (but not cloying),
some were soft (like caramels left on top of the microwave),
some were hard (as if they’d long since passed the hard crack stage),
some were nutty (or just plain legume),
some were flaky (like coconut),
some were bitter (like cocoa in need of a spanking),
some were dense, some were cake-like,
& some were just plain cookie.

Writer’s Digest November Poem-a-Day 2017 Challenge #14. Theme: Traditional form poem (limerick)


It Melted

Here lies Gino Spumoni Supreme,
whose wifey thought he’d eaten all the ice cream.
When she peered into the freezer twice,
finding it puddled behind the Italian ice,
she went off the beam with an ice cream scream.


Writer’s Digest November Poem-a-Day 2017 Challenge #2. Theme: Disguise


An Anti-Ode to the Raisin

When the worried little grape
was chewed out of its chocolate shell,
it realized how much it was loathed
for masquerading as a chocolate chip.
Though it was not spat upon,
it was spat out,
often buried or picked out of
mounds of peanuts and M&M’s,
and tossed into the trash.
So, it used chocolate coating
as its collagen,
but no one with any taste
could be fooled.

It was still a damn grape.


Poem-a-Day 2017 Writer’s Digest Challenge #14. Theme: Pick a Popular Saying (and make that the title of your poem)


That Was Just the Way Her Cookie Crumbled

When Blondie Brown—
a not-so smart cookie—
made her chocolatey chipper cookies,
they wouldn’t make it home
before dust, but
when she went down South,
through word of mouth,
she discovered butter
(and kicked margarine to the curves).