Art for Art’s Sake

I have found that people who think #art is a waste of time are missing out (and maybe have something missing!). Art teaches you how to be a creative thinker (a skill not limited to artistic endeavors). Art gives introverts (like me) a way to express themselves. For me, my art (writing) has been a great confidence builder. My closest friends I have met through my love of writing. This love led me to my dream job so that I could be a stay-at-home mom. Art has also helped me #homeschool my daughter with #autism in a fun way that she can understand. Art (and music) are even used in therapy to help patients cope with and heal from trauma. Art is not just an imitation of life but a part of life that’s as much about the process (maybe even more so) than the product. It is intrinsically valuable, even if it isn’t commercially valuable. If it gives us joy, then it has paid for itself.

The first picture is a bug (on a LEGO storage box). There isn’t a surface in our house that she wouldn’t add a smiley to.

The second is a “tornado spider,” drawn on a whiteboard.

The third is “mod art,” made from torn construction paper scribbled with crayons and tacked to the fridge with LEGO magnets.

Micropoetry Monday: Opposites


The Shutterfly edition

She was coffee shops & happy beginnings,
he, bars & happy endings.
After his sown oats
were ready to be tamed into oatmeal,
he realized that the strings of
had been the raisins
but the manicurist—
with her raging perk
for this aging soda jerk—
was the cookie.

He was the King of Tautologies,
she, the Queen of Brevity.
When they crossed paths
on their way to the Capitol,
she soon became sick of him
spelling everything out for her,
even as he grew tired
of trying to read between her lines,
so they parted as frenemies,
where he ended up writing for cable news,
for newspapers,
as people were willing to watch (if not listen)
a lot more
than they were willing to read.

When Dr. Sawbones met Dr. Jawsmith,
Saw had a bone to pick with Jaw
over her silver fillings turned green,
making Jaw want to fight her
tooth & fingernail,
but when it came down to it,
Saw didn’t have the backbone
& Jaw didn’t have the bite.

Micropoetry Monday: Opposites


The Shutterfly edition

He was a cat burglar,
she, a dognapper.
When they were caught bird-flipping
& tossed into jail for petty theft,
they decided to revamp their image
by turning vegan—
only to revert to their old ways
to pay for all the supplements
& mock meat products
they now had to buy.

Sullivan’s Travelogue

He was a true-crime writer,
shining a flashlight on the darkness
of human hearts;
she was a romance humorist,
writing feel-good stories
that set hearts alight.
He saw her as an intellectual lightweight—
until he met her & realized
that the world needed her stories
because it was already full of his.
He gave the world what they already knew,
but she gave them something to believe in.

When the Mothers of Invention
met the Fathers of Reinvention,
with their book smarts about schools
& street smarts about prisons—
created a generation
who could rock the jailhouse
& roll with the sucker-punches.

Dear Amelia

“Dear Amelia” was published in the summer 2021 issue of Bella Grace magazine.

Dear Amelia,
You have made me appreciate red wine,
pink champagne,
and the true spirits of tomato and orange juice
more than ever.

Dear Amelia,
Thank you for giving me an excuse
to take naps in the middle of the day
and for making me take the spring semester off;
I didn’t want to take those lit classes anyway.

Dear Amelia,
You have given me an outie
where there used to be an innie,
and it’s weird.

Dear Amelia,
Thank you for giving me a reason to replace
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
and the excuse to reread it;
to play peek-a-boo,
to teach you baby sign language,
to cut up the moon for you,
to show you that you don’t have to do it all
to have it all,
to show you that you can do anything a boy can do
(but that you don’t have to),
and to tell you about the people I wish you could know
and who I wish could know you.

Dear Amelia,
You have kicked me when I am down
(for the night),
but I don’t mind,
for it lets me know you are still there.

Dear Amelia,
Thank you for showing me how much
I can love someone I’ve never met
but know is there—
who I love even more than I love myself
(and that’s a lot!).

Dear Amelia,
You took your sweet time getting here,
yet you came at seemingly the perfect time,
for who I am now
is better than who I’ve ever been.

Dear Amelia,
Thank you for giving me another chance to do this . . . all over again.

Dear Amelia,
It took a while to get your name just right,
but know that what we chose to call you
was not to honor anyone but you.

Dear Amelia,
Thank you for coming to be a sister to my other little girl,
who will need you and share your toys for you from time to time.

Dear Amelia,
Enjoy the abundance of the girl who beat you to it
and who will be more than happy to share hers—
especially the Calico Critter house with the dog-eared bunnies.
Don’t mind their shabby appearance,
for they have endured the play of Hurricane Hannah.
Let her show you how milk makes the best bubbles,
how you can sound like an elephant if you blow your nose hard enough,
and how to play pretend with anything.

Dear Amelia,
Let this other little girl tell you what you have missed,
even as you will experience things she will miss.
Share your stories.
When your dad and I have gone,
stay close to her,
for no one else will have the same memories of us
that you two will.

Dear Amelia,
You are ready to meet the world,
but is the world ready to meet you?

Dear Amelia,
Thank you for showing the world
that even in times
of pandemics and all manner of upheaval,
life goes on,
for babies are still being born.
Children are precious,
for they are the future.

That said,
Dear Amelia,
I am so glad your lease is up on January 15, 2021—
with the prerequisite grace period, of course.

And always remember,
Dear Amelia,
that just as you will leave my body,
I will someday leave your life.
And I pray that I will have given you everything you need
to take care of yourself
(and hopefully others),
so take care,
and we will see you soon.

But most of all,
Dear Amelia,
remember that whatever you choose to do
may not be essential to the world,
but it will be essential to you,
for it will give you purpose and provide for you
and any who may come after you.
Know that you do not have to know
what it is you want to do
at the same time as everyone else,
for lifelong learning
includes learning about yourself.
Find your quiet place,
where you can take the time to reflect,
for when you know yourself,
you can be yourself,
Miss Amelia Skye.