Micropoetry Monday: Anti-Love Story

Dark heart

She liked vintage dudes,
vibes, & threads,
but when she met the man
who was just the right age,
he told her
that she was too young
for him.

He had delusions of grandeur,
she, of persecution.
They made quite the mismatched pair,
for he believed that she wanted him
only for his awesomeness,
even as she believed that he wanted her
just so he could do away with her.

She was the kind of trophy wife
everyone got for participation,
he, the consolation prize for
coming in last place in anything,
but they made it work
simply because
no one else would have them.

Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt #392: Forever

Canvases in a Locked Room

When segregation of the old from the young
became The Thing To Be Done,
the old died younger,
and the young could not see
past their own experiences.

Generations of civilizations
were limited their myopic, peripheral visions,
and wisdom was lost forever.

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 392