Flowers in the Attic: A Young Girl’s Inspiration

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I don’t picture myself blogging too many movie reviews, but since I grew up with “Flowers in the Attic” (the book and the movie), I just felt compelled to put in my few cents about the most recent celluloid adaptation, which was much truer to the book, but lacked all the creepiness of its lackluster predecessor.

Lifetime’s production had a cheap look to it, and though the children were hidden away in the attic for three years, it looked and felt more like three months.  I wouldn’t recommend watching it for any reason other than curiosity.

V.C. Andrews was one of the greatest inspirations for my own writing.  My book, Because of Mindy Wiley, is V. C. Andrews meets Mormonism meets Peyton Place.  I’d written a sequel to My Sweet Audrina many years ago as a fan fiction piece, and I don’t know what ever happened to it.  Many of my early writings have been lost, though I am considering redoing the project, which I would simply post on my blog as “fan fiction.”  But then, why work on that when I can post original content?

I know with certainty Audrina Revisited would be better than the novels Andrew Neiderman has written under V.C.’s name.  The Logan series was the last that still felt like it had been written by Ms. Andrews.  However, with the exception of the prequel, they had a rushed feel to them.

My advice:  Don’t waste your time after the Logan series.


An Author in Search of a Market


If I had to describe my book, Because of Mindy Wiley, I’d classify it as a Southern Gothic horror with a little magical realism thrown in, or, more specifically, “where V.C. Andrews meets Mormonism” (see:  I am reworking several chapters from it to submit to “The Midnight Diner,” which describes themselves as a “hardboiled genre anthology with a Christian slant.”  The journal seems to combine two of my favorite things:  noir and religion.  Many of my stories (in my opinion) have always been too religious for the mainstream market and not religious enough for the Christian/LDS market.

Though I still write what I want, I am writing for specific markets/tailoring my existing work (without compromising my craft) for certain publications, as well.  The best site I have found for writing jobs is

On Writing

Being a part of a local writer’s group has enriched my writing experience in so many ways.  Through it, I’ve met like-minded people I can share my work with, made new friends, and I’m always super motivated after the meeting, which carries all the way through till the next meeting.

I’ve taken a hiatus somewhat, from my novel writing, and am concentrating on completing shorter pieces.  Reading a novel is a grand investment of one’s time.

Writing smaller things, I am able to submit more work, enter more contests, thus increasing my chances of being published and maybe even making a little money at it.

I have decided, after querying over fifty agents, that self-publishing is probably going to be the way to go with my first novel.  I just want to get this one book out there and be done with it.  I love the writing part of the business, but the introvert in me hates the marketing part.  I’m a writer, not a salesgirl.

I had considered publishing it under the pseudonym of Katherine Mayfield (a character from Beverly Lewis’s series, “The Heritage of Lancaster County”, who leaves the Amish faith to become a Mennonite), but it just wouldn’t be the same with another name on the cover.