Writer’s Digest November Poem-a-Day 2017 Challenge #22. Theme: (Blank) Day


Atonement Day

The day was not special,
but for the One whose death made it so.
And though His blood should be on our hands,
it is washed away
with that same life-sustaining substance.
Our faith is celebratory–
with the day of His birth
and the day of His death–
not because He succumbed to it,
but because He overcame it.
He showed us that
through Him,
by Him,
and with Him,
we could,


A Time for Everything

With Fall, comes the harvest—
an inspired ministry,
a reaping of souls.
The Lion will not rest till Winter.

With Winter, comes the wither
of the Rose of Sharon—
a crucifixion of the Lamb,
for the Lion and the Lamb are One.
Petals fall like sparrows;
the Shepherd is shorn,
and placed upon His head
a crown of thorns.

Then it is Spring—
a time for new life,
for resurrection—
a time for singing.
The sting of death
has been swallowed whole,
and put in its place,
an everlasting hope.

This Root of Jesse
springs up into the Branch of Righteousness and
into the Tree of Life.
This Vine, this Rose,
is known by many Names,
is sweet as yesterday’s tomorrows,
though He be a Man of Sorrows.

Then comes Summer—
the season of the Ascension—
the return of the King of Kings,
the Prince of Princes,
to His heavenly reign.