Biff O’Brady & Mary Kaye Lady–
stuck in white- & pink-collar jobs–
felt repressed in neckties & bras.

So they decided to go for no collar-,
hooking up with the green-collars
that kept the solar-paneled roofs
over their heads.

And when they were finally
given the Jimmy Choo boot,
they realized that they’d
just been feeling blue.
(Collar, that is.)

“Official” definition:  https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Hobosexual

Office Space Cadets

Human beings were never meant
to sit in peninsular cubicles,
serving as the isthmus
for absent CEOs to trample them

Human beings were never meant
to pine away in cushioned cubbyholes,
like an unopened letter in a post office box,
their world reduced to a monitor,
the glow of the sun replaced
by the glow of a screen.

Human beings were never meant
to live inside their heads,
their handiwork reduced to clicks on a keyboard,
the uni-dextrous movement of a mouse,
developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Human beings were never meant
to be compartmentalized
to the smallest of details,
not knowing how to do something
from start to finish,
but just a very small part—
a “cogette” in a conglomerate.

Peter could feel his life
being siphoned out hourly,
the clock watching him with a blank face,
and hands that barely moved,
until he was out of gas.