Once Upon The Starry Night


In Christina’s World many moons ago,
there lived a girl by the name of Mona Lisa.
Mona Lisa was born of The Kiss,
in a pond of Water Lilies—
a pure birth—
and so much was made of her being the Goddess
in the Flesh.

Mona Lisa possessed the Persistence of Memory—
time was made fluid.
Through her marriage to Father Time,
she became Mother Earth,
birthing a biological clock that never stopped ticking.

Three Musicians came from the West
in that period
since The Creation of Adam
proclaiming another Savior,
but Mona Lisa,
waged a war on men.

Through man-made climate change,
through wars and rumors of wars,
she turned her world into a ruin,
for there were no more men to provide
for the women—
there were only vessels,
but no seed to plant in them.

Father Time,
seeing the rapid decay,
sent her away;
for Time took its time,
allowing the natural order of things.

Father Time turned her into a rapidly aging man,
so that her days would not be long upon the Earth,
and she was exiled to Golgotha
for her crimes against humanity.

And twas at The Last Supper,
that Mona Lisa knew He was the One—
that no power on Earth came to any
but through Him.
He had allowed her to carry out His work,
for wicked had been her people,
but now she had to pay as Judas.

There were The Three Crosses—
one for Him,
one for another,
one for her.
She was that other robber,
for she’d robbed others of breath.

But in His infinite mercy,
God chose to use her once again,
and turned her into the moon—
the moon that glowed,
rather than the sun that burned.
She was known from then on
as The Girl with the Pearl Earring—
a nameless being—
for eternity.

She is the demon that has control over the waters,
and when her anger is kindled,
there is a tidal wave of environmental calamity—
causing a form of mass baptism.

However, from then on,
Nature itself—
no superpower in Heaven or on Earth—
would ever control the weather,
for the rain falls on the just and the unjust.

How the Owl Got its Hoo

Ollie the Owl perched on a birch,
doing a little soul search.

A fragile foundling he was,
for a forgetful stork,
while grabbing a snack along the way,
had left him at an empty tree stump,
and he grew up to wonder, “What am I? Am I a What?”

Ollie peered down at Peter the Rock,
who told him it was a What,
and that because he was,
Ollie was not.

“Am I a Where?” he asked the Forest Glen,
“Did I come from you?”
The Forest replied,
“I’m a Where—
a Here and a There,
but you—you can only be in one place at at time,
so no, you are not a Where.”

Father Time was passing through,
and Ollie caught him on his way,
“Are you my father?”
but Father Time shook his head and said,
“I am the conqueror of women and men.
You are not, for I am a When.”

Then along came Mother Nature,
who told him she was a How,
and then Cause and Effect came by,
who both claimed to be a Why,
and it wasn’t till he saw Olivia Owl a hoo-hooing,
that he knew he was a Who.