Moving the Goal Posts

So I spent my New Year’s watching The Twilight Zone marathon Sci-Fi, and I didn’t make black-eyed peas (I prefer field peas, even though I don’t know what the difference is). 

As for dieting, when I was in the first and second grade, every morning before my dad dropped me off at Pensacola Christian School, we’d stop by Delchamps, and I’d get a chocolate milk and a brownie. Let’s just say that my stories, “A Cafeteria Thanksgiving” and “A Trashcan Christmas”, were inspired by my family—the gift that keeps on giving (when it comes to my writing). My dad burned everything and the only thing my mother knew how to cook was goulash (and we weren’t even Hungarian!).

I read somewhere that men are more successful at losing weight because they just give up stuff altogether, rather than trying to find substitutions. See, I am already thinking about making almond flour brownies to last for a week’s worth of breakfasts. Diet Coke, however, is still a no-go for me.

Fitness and finances are my New Year’s resolutions. Our tax refund will help us get us financially healthy quicker. Sometimes you just need a shot in the arm to get ahead. I know I need a plastectomy (as Dave Ramsey calls it), but I’m not ready to give up my Kohl’s and Target cards . . . yet.

Dave’s List

Lists are one of my favorite forms of writing. I was listening to Dave Ramsey’s show in my car during lunch hour, and he received a lot of hateful comments over this one:

I can see how this piece would hit a nerve with lower-income people, of which I am one; I don’t know if one becomes rich by having these habits, or if they acquire these habits if they are rich (or become rich); I’m inclined to believe the former. 

I believe time wasted isn’t wasted if it is being enjoyed; however, I also believe how we manage our time is important if we want to be successful (which is not always about the money).

So many people waste hours on Pinterest (one of my friends in the local writers’ group I attend referred to it as “Internet hoarding”), without doing any of the things they pin. I remember reading somewhere that we’ve become a nation of watchers, not doers, and some people, I believe, only do things, so they can take pictures of them and post them on social media.

One of my many New Year’s resolutions is to do more and watch less. The only thing I’m not doing on this list is to wake up three hours before I go to work. That would be four in the morning when it’s still dark, which is just depressing. I would have to go to bed right after I get home to make that happen, and I must have time to unwind.

One can not like the list, and, I suppose, disagree with it. I choose to use this list as a way to improve my life—not so much to make me rich but to improve myself. I think when one does certain things, other things just naturally fall into place.