Hint of Infidelity

A streak of Hot Pants Pink by Orlane
smeared on his starched white collar,
the single, long blond hair that formed a wavy line down the back of his tweed coat,
the scent of a woman with an affinity for floral and honey,
a receipt in his pants pocket for two iced gingerbread lattes,
wrapped around a mysterious key,
the scratch marks on his back that seem like a form of pleasurable self-flagellation,
the wedding ring that seems to tighten around his finger like a noose,
the exhausted, distracted husband who comes home late from the office,
Rowena, the name he calls out in dreams…
She was Rowena a once, too–
till she asked to be called Rowan,
cut her hair,
and ditched her dresses for dungarees,
but who could blame him?
For she was not even half the woman he’d married,
but rather,
half a man.