Micropoetry Monday: The Lighter Side

That Too Damn High Thing
When Georgia Peach moved out of her pit
to the seedy Big Apple,
she, who’d always believed less was more,
found that a lot less cost a whole lot more.

Plus was North, South, East, & West,
Minus just floated around;
Multiplication was a sign of the Times,
& Obelus was known as the Morse Clown.

Mr. Edible Incredible
Sir Benedict was a good egg,
always on the sunny side,
though sometimes he got scrambled
when he came out of his shell.
He could also be hard-boiled when unwell,
when his chicken-hearted mother,
who was bit on the overly easy side
would coddle him,
basting him with soup–
courtesy of one of his relatives.

Peter Piper pied a peach,
but when he tasted razor burn,
he made some scrapple out of apple,
its cyanide seeds giving him heartburn.

Loose Change
When Lucky Penny met Dollar Bill,
she didn’t give a plug nickel for his 4 quarters;
& when he saw how she be,
he no longer gave a dime.

Micropoetry Monday: The Lighter Side

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When Ellipsis missed a period,
she birthed a typo,
& readers didn’t know whether to stop
or keep going.
It was literary purgatory.

Deciding to peel off some pounds,
Apple, Banana, & Pear Shapely
went to the gym, only to have Hourglass
pour them into smoothies.

Mart Tini went to bed with Ginny,
& he was rather shaken
(not stirred) awake,
for Apple was staring him in the eye.

Guarding her grandfather’s casket
all the way to Malden, Missouri,
was quite an undertaking.