Conquer by Confusion

Grammarcity Park had two regions—
the rotten North Egg,
and the equally rotten South Egg—
hatched by two gangs known as
“The Pros” and “The Seven Cons”
(the latter also known as “The Fanboys”).

Though such activity was criminal
in this dark city—
overpopulated with commas,
nightly knifings with em dashes,
and unclean colons—
little was done to muck out
this den of corruption.

One night of Celtic Thunder,
the Fanboys decided the only way
to defeat the South Pros
was by appealing to the Chicago-style
and, in the name of equality,
forcing them to become
thus stripping them of their
the core of their identities.

And so, while the Pros were trying
to figure who was who
and what end was up,
“The Fanboys” band played on,
still making connections.

Police Matters

Your judgments about cultures
are a matter for the Thought Police,
your judgments about counter-cultures are an anti-matter.

Your socks with flip-flops
are a matter for the Fashion Police,
your butterfly tattoos are an anti-matter.

Your overuse of commas and semicolons
are a matter for the Grammar Police,
your use of two spaces after every sentence is an anti-matter.