Poem-a-Day November 2018 Writer’s Digest Challenge #21. Theme: Protest

The Accidental Environmentalist

Mrs. Gladys Georgana Green lived in the poor house—
just under the poverty line.
She wore her shoes till they lost their soles,
her hand-me-down clothes till they became careworn,
after which she would tear them into strips
for the rag rugs that scattered her floors.
Her margarine tubs were repurposed as Tupperware
and often filled with potato cookies at Christmastime
for the less-fortunate children.
All her furniture had come to her secondhand,
sometimes even thirdhand,
and she was grateful to get it from those who had
cared for their property so well.
Her electronics were outdated,
and her desktop computer was a dinosaur near extinction,
but they worked well enough to suit her needs.
She was not a minimalist by choice—
she’d never been privileged enough to make that choice,
for it had always been made for her.
Yet this frugal way of living had become a part of her,
for she saw the wisdom in making things last.

On Thanksgiving Day,
when she was minding her own damn business,
enjoying her weekly indulgence of Salisbury steak,
and her holiday slice of pumpkin pie that had her name on it
(in whipped cream, no less),
some whippersnapper in a Greenpeace shirt
started filming this “cow killer”
with his brand-new iPhone.

Being more going-of-age than coming-of-age,
she’d had enough of these people and their hypocritical crapola,
and so, with a spry little sprint,
she confronted this little mockumentary maker,
this propagandist punk,
and rammed her paper straw where it never meant to go.

2018 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 21

Poem-a-Day 2017 Writer’s Digest Challenge #25. Theme: Love/Anti-Love

Love/Hate #7

She loved her faithful husband
but hated the Christianity that had raised him to be.

She loved being pregnant
but hated giving birth.

She loved environmentalism
but hated the capitalism that helped her spread “the green word.”

She loved Mexican food
but hated Mexicans.

She loved cheering for the football players
but wouldn’t let them in her house.

She loved tolerance for all groups
but hated it when someone thought she was a member of one.

She loved living in the Deep South
but hated their genteel culture.

2017 April PAD Challenge: Day 25