Sweet Little Nothings

Learn something new with an old friend

Mary & Clary—
a widow & a divorcee—
both being rid of their balls
(having cut the chains with
arsenic & ink),
no longer had a man to keep them warm,
so they decided to keep company
with needle & yarn.
And it was when they took a class at
The Knittin’ Needlers
that they realized they’d become their mothers
who’d made their fathers miserable
(which explained their only childhoods).

Sidney, Montana, 2002

For though his sins were scarlet,
the white that was the snow
covered them,
preserving them—
that dead body of evidence.
The wife of the man in the snow
thought he’d killed himself,
his children,
abandoned them.
And so it was a silent night,
a lonely night,
the perp freezing in the lake
as the vic thawed in the woods.