A Glimpse into The Distant Future

For whosoever needed a part,
be it a kidney, lung, or heart,
could have it for a price—
even as Jesus had bought
our whole beings with such—
the price of a lottery ticket.
For those who needed blood,
with its magical properties
(for had not the blood of Jesus
once shed grace on Thee?),
the United Nations Blood Bank
had become a place of withdrawal for the rich
and deposit for the poor.

Three Prayers for Maren Coates

Maren’s mom prayed for her daughter to live,
even as Jeffrey’s father prayed for his son
to do the same;
Jeffrey’s heart that saved Maren.
Maren prayed for Father McNally to choose her,
Tim prayed for Maren to choose him,
even as Father McNally prayed for Richard and Maren
to choose each other.
Maren prayed to die
even as Father McNally prayed for her to live;
but only one could have their wish.


Under the Floridian Sun

She built a little house,
and a great big life.
She married well,
she married for life.
She’d found love,
but not a soul-mate,
for she, not the stars,
chose him.

They were child- and carefree
for he loved whom he had found,
not who he could have created.

Then the day came that she needed
a part of him he could live without.
She lived, but he did not.
The irony was metallic,

Under the Floridian sun,
he was buried–
the hurricanes with her wild horses came,
the rains turned the ground muddy,
and there was that thready blanket of snow
that came one winter.

Then long after she came to join him,
everyone who had memory of him,
was gone,
like ashes in the wind.

His mark,
like a childhood scar,
became lighter,
until it could no longer be seen.