Peas & Caterpillars: Recipe for 1 Smiley-Faced Stick Figure

5 caterpillars (for the skeleton):
1 circle (for the head),
1 vertical (for the torso),
1 horizontal (for the arms),
& 2 diagonals (for the legs).
Add to the circle 3 peas:
2 for the eyes
1 for the nose,
& a pea rolled into a caterpillar
for the mouth.
Remnants are used hair & clothes
because those things are dead anyway.
After all, aren’t all corpses either bald or naked,
depending on their level of

Play-Doh Fun

A good time is all rolled up
in variety of color and cup—
purple spaghetti with orange meatballs,
kangaroo crackers,
and stickies for the wall;

blueberries that are red,
raspberries that are blue,
cookie cutters that are borrowed,
and peas like pearls in a queue;

elephants with cattails,
horses with ponytails,
and fork work like inverted Braille;

neon green hamburgers and hot pink hotdogs
reshaped into swirly planets with rings,
and stripes mixed with polka dots;

shapeless shapes,
smileys from pencil pokes,
and handprints stained with newsprint;

bows for Minnie Mouse,
plugs for her ears,
and beanbag chairs for the dollhouse;

more bows for Minnie,
something for the bellybutton,
and toes with royal jelly for din-dinny;

it’s all in fun,
only to be stretched and folded,
and put away again.