For the Non-Gamer

She watched “Wheel of Fortune” to make herself feel smart,
“Jeopardy” to humble herself,
& “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” to realize that anyone
could be one.

For board game lovers:

For “Wheel of Fortune” lovers:

For “Clue” lovers (or “Cluedo,” as its known in the United Kingdom):

Pop Culture Jesus

He came into the world a baby,
even as Adam and Eve
entered it,
fully formed.
He is heavily edited,
often misquoted.
Eighteen years of his life
are unaccounted for.
He honored His father and mother,
but honored His Heavenly Father more.
He was a carpenter
even as He was a King.
He is a mystery,
yet many feel they know Him.
He is a part of history,
but not herstory.
He loved all women,
or He loved one woman.
His Name is a prayer,
even as it is a swear.
He was a pescatarian
who declared all meat clean;
a drinker of old wine for the Catholics,
new wine for the Mormons.
His atonement covers all sin
beyond the point of conversion,
for His shed-letting only blots out
sins repented of.
He loved the poor,
for He was one of them.
He is an ideal
few live up to,
and even fewer seek to.
His words have saved the lives
of those who believe,
His influence, even more
for those who do not.
He committed suicide;
He is a martyr who allowed
Himself to be killed.
He is a liberal Socialist
for the eugenicists,
a conservative Republican
for those who believe in
natural selection.
He is God,
He is His Son,
or He was,
a Man.