Poem-a-Day April 2019 Writer’s Digest Challenge #2. Theme: Good Case and/or Bad Case #aprpad

Bad Apple

According to the kids in Miss Jewels’ kindergarten class,
the children had a bad case of the sillies,
rather than a good case of the giggles.
To regain control of her mischievous, rambunctious classroom,
Miss Jewels passed out “hash”tag conversation hearts,
gave them standardized tests,
& put herself on a screen,
turning them into the zombies
& she,
into their babysitter.

2019 April PAD Challenge: Day 2

Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt #395: Snap Decision

Lost in the Weeds

For his recreational habit,
she made an example of him.
She’d sought to teach him a lesson,
grouping him in with the worst of the worst,
and he learned that lesson dearly,
for he paid the ultimate price.

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 395