Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt #458: Ecstatic

Why it Sucks Being the Older Child

Nothing seemed more unfair to Kindergarten Kim
than when Mom got ecstatic for Preschool Polly pooping in the potty,
even though K.K. managed to read & poo at the same time—
just like Dad,
who found doing his business
a boring one.

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 458

Writer’s Digest November Poem-a-Day 2017 Challenge #6. Theme: Praise


This Mother’s Praise

Her eyes lit up
as she tinkled on the potty,
exclaiming, “Good job!”
She looked to me
for confirmation,
and I wondered
if it was prudent to praise
for every little thing.

Was my praise for something
so small
akin to giving everyone a trophy?

But when I saw my child’s belief
in herself
like the bahiagrass after a summer rain—
I knew I had served her well.

For positivity—
like every other like thing—
reproduces after its own kind.
It is my sacred calling as her parent
to make her feel capable
of the little things,
for, in doing so,
I would make her feel capable
of the big things.