Poem-a-Day 2017 Writer’s Digest Challenge #12. Theme: Guilty


He Shed

His innocent blood
bloodied the hands of the guilty,
running down the grains of the rough-hewn

It was the crude oil of life,
darkening as the desert heat
baked the platelets sticky—
the soft ball stage—
then into the hard crack.
Candy for the crows.

The splatter pattern was more of a
slow drip,
a trickle
like the river Nile
from Heaven’s view—
an artery that had split,
even as it spilt.

This magic mix of
red and white blood cells
was transfused through hearts
to change them,
to blot out that which no other
human sacrifice ever could.

It was drank in a metaphorically
cannibalistic practice,
following a prayer,
a chant.
A woman’s blood would not have
be it internal
or menstrual.

This blood flowed not like wine or juice,
it was not sweet,
but iron-rich with the humanity
that was in Him—
this alien from another world,
who came back in time
from a world far more advanced—
to shed His blood,
as He had done
for numerous other earths.



Poem-a-Day 2017 Writer’s Digest Challenge #1. Theme: Reminiscing

This “personal geography” poem was originally named, “Life, in Five Acts” (like a Shakespearean play).

The stanzas below were merely abstract introductions to much longer stanzas of a seven-page, narrative poem.



Spain: 1987
I lost half a sense,
which may have saved all the rest.

Saved: 1996
I lived with myself,
and knew not who I was.

Montana: 2003
I was Molly Mormon,
looking for Peter Priesthood.

Utah: 2004
I lost my faith,
but reclaimed my creativity.

Brian: 2013
And so a woman must leave her family
to create one of her own.

Hannah: 2013
I led her to milk,
but she would not drink.

College: 2014
I feared our future,
so I changed my present.