Micropoetry Monday: Realms of Motherhood

Sepia shoes

In her red rain boots & slicker—
like a Little Red Robin Hood, she was,
playing hopscotch where the deluge
had washed away the chalk lines.

She’d never had a childhood,
so when she had her own child,
she gave what she’d wanted for herself,
experiencing it secondhand.

On Feeding Children
Smiley-face pancakes.
Sweet potato brownies.
Origami cheese.
Black bean brownies.
Triangle sandwiches.
Avocado brownies.

He performed a Solomon in the womb,
so that 2 women could be blessed—
rather than 1—
the egg donor & the surrogate.

She had come from a broken home of broken bones,
& when she conceived,
she feared the softness of those bones,
& hardened her heart to give the same away.

Micropoetry Monday: Faith and Spirituality

Like Solomon,
God split the baby,
giving them twins–
so that each could be
a real parent to one.

She’d found refuge in the convent—
from marriage to a man who wanted her body,
to a Man who solely wanted her heart.

When he lost his faith Yesterday,
she found hers Tomorrow,
so Today was their Day of Jubilee.

The rich go, & are forever in stone,
where flowers are placed to die,
but the poor, they are as ashes in the wind.

The coexistence of night & day;

the sun is the pearl being formed,
the moon, its fossil.