Nonet Poems: My Geography

Writer’s Digest had a nonet poetry exercise awhile back (, so I wrote about each place (with the exception of Poplar Bluff, Missouri), that I’d lived in.  I generally don’t care for poetry forms where you have to be aware of the syllable count (i.e. haiku)–I think it disrupts the creative flow.  These exercises did make me think, though.

I just read an article in Writer’s Digest yesterday that it is good to share one’s work on their blog, so I’ve decided that at least twice a month, I’m going to come up with something to share.

Just a thought:  If you’re ever in a slump, Writer’s Digest has some wonderful story prompts that would serve as springboards for constructing a flash fiction piece.  I’m working on coming up with 100 flash fiction ideas, because that, along with creative nonfiction, seems to be in vogue right now.

Pensacola, Florida

A cavalcade of freaks and weirdos;
meth-heads and potholes populate,
homeless and screaming preachers
stand on every corner.
City of bad news,
Hell on Earth.
Worst. Place.

Sidney, Montana

Strange smells waft from the sugar beet plant,
as snowflakes blanket the grey town.
An isolated enclave—
a moose in every shop.
Meat and potatoes,
the usual
dinner fare.

Provo, Utah

Psychological lobotomies,
using group-think, mass hypnosis,
created temples of doom
in this mountainous place
of happy faces.
Mormon Mecca,
Jell-O love,