Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt #372; Theme: Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board of Bandywith

There were kitties for old biddies,
doggies for old foagies,
playmates for playdates,
and roommates for reasonable rates.

There were ads for crash pads,
clunkers for cash and cash for junkers;
“Wanted” posters of women gone wild,
and want ads for men in argyle.

There were notices of whimsical weapon auctions,
quilting circles, and square-dance partners;
scrapbooking socials and ice cream anti-socials,
Post-It notes and fliers to get out the vote.

There were business cards for back waxes,
ferly perms, and back income taxes;
announcements for risky business seekers,
perfumed piano teachers, and jouncy JED speakers.

There were circulars selling some things old, some things new,
some spouses to lend, and some things Wedgwood blue;
all were held up with pushpins and thumbtacks—
the needs of the community pinned to its cork.

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 372