Micropoetry Monday: Faith & Spirituality

God said, “Let us make man in our image,”
but Goddess had become barren from the Big Bang,
so Mary had become her surrogate.

Christ had been in the stories,
but had never been mentioned by name.
He was like the photographer that had taken the picture,
& it was because of Him,
everything else existed.

He loved God more than he loved
the environment,
more than the economy;
he could not see that
preserving His creation
& serving those who lived on His creation,
was doing His work.

When her way of living died,
and her friends went on living
as if hers had not,
she did not lose heart,
for her faith was in the Divine,
not humankind.

3 Wise Men searched for a Baby,
only to find themselves.
3 Wise Women searched for a Man,
only to find each other.