Micropoetry Monday: The Lighter Side

The Brotherhood of the Traveling Boxers
hit a snag on its debut,
for one man’s junk was just not another man’s treasure.

When Left Sock met Right Sock,
they felt unique & wonderfully-knitted,
until they ended up in the underwear drawer
with Panty, who told them they were
destined to depreciate with every use.

Though their husbands were known as
“Team Wilma” & “Team Betty,”
Kiki & Lulu had no recourse,
for they’d already found their Barney & Fred.

Sweet Little Nothings

Watch more cartoons

From “Bullwinkle and Friends,”
she’d learned that chocolate pan dowdy
could be hazardous to her health
(rocket fuel being an added ingredient).
From “The Flintstones,”
she’d learned that
a minimalist, animal-print wardrobe
was living like a cave girl.
From Looney Tunes,
she’d learned to stay away from Acme trucks
& never drink alum.
She’d learned a lot of useless things
but from it all,
she’d learned that adults with imagination
had made her Saturday mornings
memorable & bright.