#Micropoetry Monday: The Lighter Side


The Brotherhood of the Traveling Boxers
hit a snag on its debut,
for one man’s junk was just not another man’s treasure.

When Left Sock met Right Sock,
they felt unique & wonderfully-knitted,
until they ended up in the underwear drawer
with Panty, who told them they were
destined to depreciate with every use.

Though their husbands were known as
“Team Wilma” & “Team Betty,”
Kiki & Lulu had no recourse,
for they’d already found their Barney & Fred.


Sweet Little Nothings

Watch more cartoons

From “Bullwinkle and Friends,”
she’d learned that chocolate pan dowdy could be hazardous to her health.
From “The Flintstones,”
she’d learned that a minimalist wardrobe was living like a cavegirl.
From “Looney Tunes,”

she’d learned to stay away from Acme trucks.
She’d learned a lot of useless things,
but from it all,
she’d learned that adults with imagination
had made her Saturday mornings brighter.