Sweet Little Nothings

Buy something frivolous

Bubbles turned the backyard
into a summer wonderland.
Sidewalk chalk turned the untreated fence
into a graffiti canvas
where games of Hangman & Tic-Tac-Toe
were left to wash away in the rain.
There were balloon water bombs,
whipped cream,
& silly string out of a can.
A kite was for paper doll rides,
a bucket,
for suds piled high on the air conditioner—
only to be blown away like snow flurries
when it kicked back on.
Plastic eggs were for wee poems
& scavenger hunt clues;
beans & pasta were for making mosaics.
The world on the screen became smaller—
almost as insignificant as a distant star—
while the world outside
became as big as the sun.