Bunny Blues

When Hannah Banana was appointed by her housekeeper
as the housekeeper for the Hopscotch Bunny family,
they were thereafter known as the Dust Bunnies
of Calico Critter town,
for none of the other toys saw
the invisible hands of the 5-year-old terror
who rocked their world
& left their loose groceries all over the porch,
making them look like a passel of hobos.

Picking Up Toys

Raggedy Anne is looking rather ragged.
You’ve made a hat out of stickers for her;
you’ve pulled her yarn hair apart
so it looks like she has a bad perm.
She is not yet missing an eye
(only because it’s made of thread),
but if you needled her to death
like Mama used to do to her “friends,”
she’d be real sorry.
You’ve turned Baby Aimee into a double amputee.
I thought only woodland creatures
chewed off their own foot
when it was caught in a trap.
Mickey’s hands look like they were caught
in a stump grinder;
poor Frederick the Poet Mouse
looks like he’s been on a starvation diet.
And Quackers?
Well, he’s hanging on (or together)
by a thread,
for mastication is your instantaneous gratification.