Sweet Little Nothings

Make all food finger food

Her friends & family were like an upended box of truffles:
some were sweet
(enough to cause a zit),
some were soft
(like caramels left in the car too long),
some were hard
(as if they’d long since passed the hard crack stage),
some were nutty
(or just plain legume),
some were chewy
(like “chewing the fat” chewy),
some were creamy
(just pinch a little to see what nasty surprise comes out),
some were flaky
(like coco-loco-nut),
some were bitter
(like cocoa in need of a spanking),
some were dense
(like a math labbie when it came to lit),
some were cake-like
(be it cheesecake or beefcake),
& some were just plain kooky.