Micropoetry Monday: Love Story

Sepia heart

He’d been defrocked,
& she’d been disbarred.
They fell in love
as they’d fallen into other traps:
Through blood that flowed
away from the brain &
into their erogenous danger zones.
Their recklessness brought them crashing together,
even though he couldn’t save her
any more than she could defend him.

He was Urban Dictionary,
she, Merriam Webster.
She thought him crude,
he thought her a prude,
but when they had to work together
to meet a common goal,
they found a common interest:
each other.

He was meat & potatoes,
she, veggie burgers & sprouted grains.
Over dark chocolate mousse
with white chocolate antlers,
they fell for one another,
realizing that the savory had kept them alive,
even as the sweet had sealed the deal with a kiss.

The Murderous Yogi

Here lies Montgomery “Monty” Carlson,
millionaire extraordinaire,
and a whore’s worst nightmare;
your friendly neighborhood serial killer,
one community’s tall, white pillar;
a carnal vegan,
a yoga instructor,
his body a great conductor
(for electricity)—
as evidenced through his death in the chair.
He went out in a blaze of glory,
turning his novel life
into a short story.
May he rest in pieces—
just like his victims.