Elly’s Mood Ring

When she was single,
too goody-two shoes to
go marijuana mellow,
she was often as black and yellow
as a honeybee,
all abuzz with hyperactivity.

When she was in the same room
with her cray-cray family,
she was orange to green-peridot,
turning a lighter green
the more distance she put
between her parents and bros.

With friends,
she was blue-green fading into blue,
for they’d been with her through
it all—
the better and the worse,
the blessed and the cursed.

Then she met Eddy—
a no-drama hunk-o-rama—
who turned her pink
with just one wink.

With him,
she was totally in the mood,
her eyes vacillating from violet-burgundy
to indigo blue.

In turn,
Eddy loved that to read her moods,
all he had to do was look at her ring—
but when they wed,
and she replaced
that vintage bling
with her engagement and wedding rings,
she became a mystery to him,
keeping him guessing
for the rest of his life
(if not hers,
as he was the first to die).

Sweet Little Nothings

Start a game of tag with your friends

Jill, Kelly, & Sabrina—
Charlie’s braless angels &
Bosley’s femme fatales—
found themselves 40 years in the future
where they were doubly appreciated,
for everything old had become new again.
When each gal spotted the man they believed
to be the enigmatic Charlie,
they scattered to follow him,
tagging themselves on Facebook
& checking themselves in at random places
to find one another again.
When they reconnected,
they found not the time machine
that had brought them there
but saw,
in themselves,
the time capsule they were.

Micropoetry Monday: Opposites


The Shutterfly edition

He was fact,
she was fiction,
& together,
they founded journalism.

For her, every day was a holiday;
for him, every day, a holy day,
but as they grew closer to each other,
they became what they were meant to be.

She was left brain,
he was right brain,
so when they worked together,
they knew not what the other did.

He wore his politics on his car,
she wore her religion around her neck,
& each believed one should trump the other,
but the wise saw the two were Siamese twins,
joined at the heart.

She was retro,
he was vintage,
& together,
they created a new modern.