#Micropoetry Monday: #Nature


The siren of the sea,
rose from the surface each dawn to claim a life,
until she fell in love with the mortal who would mount her…
on the wall.

She was born of a virgin,
but raised by the birds of the air—
God took care of them all—
His flock & Goddess.

The squirrel ate the baby of the mother who housed it;
her branches were the nesting place for the robin.
Birds had lived, children had played,
even as men had died from her arms holding them up.

It was the season of happiness—
of summer reds rather than winter blues.
It was the season of strawberries & sunshine,
of butterflies & rain.

With a dress made of rose petals & a veil of firefly wings,
Serena, upon marriage to Brother Nature,
became the Enchantress of the Forest.