Election Day

Since coming of legal age,
she had voted her conscience,
though this time,
she knew it wasn’t so important that others knew
why she voted the way she did,
but that she knew why,
& she needed to justify to no one of her reasons,
which were her own.
In remembrance of a life well-lived,
she recalled her grandpa’s words
when someone had asked who he was voting for,
& he had said,
without apology & without hesitation,
“None of your damn business.”
She realized then
that just as everyone had a right to their opinion,
no one had a right to hers.

Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt #392: Forever

Canvases in a Locked Room

When segregation of the old from the young
became The Thing To Be Done,
the old died younger,
and the young could not see
past their own experiences.

Generations of civilizations
were limited their myopic, peripheral visions,
and wisdom was lost forever.

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 392